Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
WX5.UI.ChooseBoxChooseBox allows to show 1,2,3 button boxes
WX5.CvtUseful conversion routines
WX5.DataUseful ADO.NET DataTable processing routines It includes column rounding, column filling methods and some table manipulations routines
WX5.DB.DBManagerDatabase manager used to automate some ADO.NET routines DBManager allows special syntax inside SQL queries similar to L# to describe query parameters:

{? parameterName [parameterType [parameterDirection [columnMapping]]]}

where parameterType and/or parameterDirection and/or columnMapping and even parameterName are optional

WX5.DB.Core.DBProviderBase class for all of providers
WX5.UI.DlgThis class provides a number of prepared message boxes
WX5.FlowThis class is useful for parameter checking and codepaths incapsulation
WX5.FPThis class contains widely-used functions from Functional Paradigm like Map() or Fold()
WX5.I18NThis class contains a current language identifier
WX5.UI.InputBoxAllows to show the message box with string input field
WX5.IOSerialization and compressing methods and work with FTP
WX5.LSEThis class represents L# "environment" It allows to use L# engine with various subsets of functions and variables
WX5.NilNIL singleton Used in WX5.Data.AddToTable() method to indicate the rowValue to be skipped
WX5.ObjectManagerProvides links between objects
WX5.DB.Core.SQLEngineThe base class for WXLib SQL engines
WX5.TextSome simple but still useful text processing methods
WX5.Tuple2< A, B >2-element tuple
WX5.Tuple3< A, B, C >3-element tuple
WX5.Tuple4< A, B, C, D >4-element tuple
WX5.Tuple5< A, B, C, D, E >5-element tuple
WX5.DB.Core.SQLEngine.TypeSymbolL# type descriptor
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