WX5.UI.InputBox Member List

This is the complete list of members for WX5.UI.InputBox, including all inherited members.
Dispose(bool disposing)WX5.UI.InputBox [protected]
InputBox() (defined in WX5.UI.InputBox)WX5.UI.InputBox
viewDlg(string _msg, ref string _value)WX5.UI.InputBox [static]
viewDlg(string _msg, string _title, ref string _value)WX5.UI.InputBox [static]
viewPwdDlg(string _msg, ref string _value, char _pass)WX5.UI.InputBox [static]
viewPwdDlg(string _msg, ref string _value)WX5.UI.InputBox [static]
viewPwdDlg(string _msg, string _title, ref string _value)WX5.UI.InputBox [static]
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